Our primary responsibility is to ensure the continuing profitability of the company and building long term maximum value.

In seeking maximum value over time, we believe this is best achieved through an intelligent regard for the interests of other stakeholders including our employees, our community, our customers and our business partners. 

A reputation for integrity and responsible behaviour will underpin our commercial performance through motivating employees and building trust and goodwill in the wider world.

The following considerations guide our dealings with stakeholders:


We are a family and management owned business with a personal responsibility. We will ensure full compliance with relevant laws and rules. We are committed to good corporate governance, transparency and fair dealing.



We aim to attract and retain the services of the most appropriately skilled individuals.

We are committed to treating employees at all levels with respect and consideration and to ensuring that their careers are not constrained by discrimination or other arbitrary barriers to advancement. We will seek to maintain a regular two-way flow of information to ensure that they are well informed about the business and our business environment.



We aim to promote strong relationships with the communities of which we are a part. We will seek regular engagement about issues which may affect them. Our support for community projects will reflect the priorities of local people, sustainability and cost effectiveness. We will increasingly seek to assess the contribution our operations make to local social and economic development and to report upon it.



We seek mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customers, business partners, contractors and suppliers based on fair and ethical practices.