We all rely on our supply chain to provide products and services essential for the manufacture or construction of our products or projects. 

At JTC we ensure that our suppliers adopt a serious approach to their environmental management. Material movements are minimised in the supply and manufacture of our products. Relationships with our principle raw material suppliers such as could not be stronger and we enjoy regular planned deliveries with stock being held both with manufacturers and within our own manufacturing environment.

Our supply chain management gives us great strength in developing a corporate responsible position:


We wish to be part of a system that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices and to reward good forest management. Therefore when we buy our timber products we ensure that our suppliers have the appropriate accreditation to ensure that we have a trustworthy product from a company which takes its environmental responsibility seriously.

We can be certain therefore that our panel products are produced using sustainable forestry methods with a transparent system from logging and processing to distribution and sale of the final product.


It is obvious business sense to reduce materialusage wherever possible and we operate activeprogrammes to eliminate waste wherever it ispossible to do so through careful materialsmanagement. Materials are sent back tosuppliers for reuse wherever possible orpractical and we recycle all materials wherethere is an outlet for the product. Sensibly thisextends to the packaging of our raw materialswhere we work with our suppliers to ensureproducts are supplied with the protectionrequired to avoid damage yet without excessive materials being wasted.


Without the full backing of the company management our corporate social responsibility would lack status as an important activity. We ensure consistency in application of our various policies through a regular series of meetings and forums where CSR activities top the agenda. We are constantly on the lookout for improvement and strive to maintain a policy of consistent improvement.