Developing value added relationships which build on our professional & flexible approach to the supply and installation of furniture solutions is the key to JTC becoming the natural choice for buyers. 

These relationships are mutually beneficial allowing us to offer you an augmented service through joint discussions meaning we can all contribute to the success of a project through our respective strengths.


As our partner you are afforded priority status when planning production, with dedicated protected production planning guaranteed that when you need delivery we will produce. We understand the pressure you are under when dealing with your clients and as you specialist supplier we are on hand to assist you in presentations, demonstrations and production of value engineered solutions which will allow the project to run as smoothly as possible when the time comes to install the furniture.


As a partner we have a long term commitment to supply products and we can therefore organise our logistics to suit your projects. Maybe the optimum solution is to hold stock locally or have dedicated delivery vehicles or to carry additional raw materials; whatever means are identified to making our contracts run smoothly we will investigate.


The key to success in partnerships is the development of a comfortable mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and understanding. We are a family firm and your satisfaction goes right to the heart of our business. With a flexible attitude we tailor each partnership agreement around our client, giving each and every customer special treatment.


Work together in an open, co-operative and collaborative relationship based on trust
• Long term consistency in service
• Continuous Improvement
• A reduction in tender time and associated costs
• An opportunity to address sustainability & environmental issues
• Integrated design, supply and value engineered solutions
• An experienced project team at your disposal
• Innovation!
• Best practice, best value solutions with guaranteed knowledge transfer
• Team collaboration leading to consultative solutions
• Logistical excellence solutions
• Incentives and rewards for excellent performance
• Agreed KPI`s, performance monitoring with regular progress meetings 

Above all we build LOYALTY