Our raw materials supply chain is extremely complex. We buy from around 200 major suppliers worldwide. Many companies are considerably larger and more complex than ourselves but some are much smaller. 

Nevertheless it is important to our security of supply that we adopt a similar approach to our purchases and that we realise the importance of the overall supply chain to the manufacture of the best furniture products.


In recent years in particular the market for wood based products has suffered from cyclical price fluctuations related to supply and demand. These have had a negative impact on the investments made by many companies in their performance. However for the best suppliers who maintain a quality of product that is unbeatable in the market; investments have been sustained to a greater degree and their products maintain their demand due to the rather limited market availability of the best products.

We take pride that we are a major customer for this type of company and relationships with our principle raw material suppliers such as Egger, Kronospan and Hafele could not be stronger and we work hand in glove with their production to maintain regular stocks and minimise material movements in the supply and manufacture of our products.

By encouraging and rewarding our suppliers we, they, and our Customers will benefit from a long-term commitment to highest quality.



Most important of all our drive towards supplier excellence has meant spending more time listening to and working with our suppliers who have committed themselves to the pursuit of sustainable quality products with us. It is the fact that we place our suppliers at the core that makes our supplier excellence programme truly unique.