The journey towards the supplier excellence programme can only be made in close collaboration with the many parties who are involved in the development, manufacture, transportation and sustainability of our raw materials. 

We are of course ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited.



Since 1986, JTC has always stood for highest quality fitted furniture. We have now set out to create the finest furniture in the world, by incorporating an additional criterion for sustainability to the normal requirements for quality. 

In our quest for excellence we have consulted with sustainability experts, drawing on our experience gained from over 20 years in the furniture industry and the expertise of our major suppliers. We have come to work more closely with our suppliers to explore new ways of collaborating in the future, and we have forged many new relationships as we seek out better and more efficient methods of operation.

For us, our supplier excellence programme encapsulates our quest to ensure our furniture is produced to the highest standards of quality balancing the creation of social and economic value for our suppliers, our clients and our communities, as well as contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Our supplier excellence programme represents a set of practices which together provides assurance which we can pass on to our customers that they respect sustainability principles. We are committed to the principles of sustainable development, by which we mean striking an optimal balance between economic, environmental and social development. We will strive to innovate and adopt best practice, wherever we operate working in conjunction with our partners. We constantly seek mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customers, business partners, contractors and suppliers based on fair and ethical practices.