loose furniture

We have partnerships with some of the country’s top educational goods suppliers to offer the majority of the fixtures and fittings which are often required for a complete turnkey solution. Since we are working with specialist suppliers, the goods we offer are fully compliant with the new advisory standard specifically for tables, desks and chairs for use in UK schools: BS EN 1729.

This standard for classroom furniture outlines the size and shape of products to ensure correct ergonomics for children’s back care as well as checking product safety, strength and durability to ensure products will stand up to the demands of the classroom.

The proven range of products will satisfy the needs of most education projects and includes; tables, chairs, notice boards, sports equipment, medical room equipment, dining tables, sinks and taps. As well as the latest specialist equipment often required for laboratories and other specialised areas of teaching from the science lab to the sports hall; from the common rooms to the specialist medical room.


As in a commercial kitchen; the food technology class room has to use materials which are very easy to clean, robust and hygienic in the long term. Many installations feature solid grade laminate tops which conceal no dirt traps in edging materials, have surfaces that are extremely resilient and offer the cleanability of a smooth melamine laminate surface.



The furniture requirements to cater for IT across many departments have become extremely sophisticated in both specific teaching rooms and in subject areas which draw heavily on computer use. We offer comprehensive furniture solutions which are future proofed and designed to hide all the clutter of wiring which is an inevitable part of networks.


There are ranges of specifically designed solutions for work benching and work stations for art, craft design & technology classrooms provided by JTC, in addition to the important role played by efficient storage and desking; which is always a requirement in the functional classroom.


Science rooms and laboratories can present a challenge to fixed furniture design. Our experience brought from commercial and NHS laboratories combined with our knowledge of education furniture; brings you the very best in design, technology and materials for the teaching of science. In a science classroom the work surfaces have to be particularly robust and feature specific fitments designed for a science room application such as built in sinks, taps, gas taps and sockets. We offer solid grade laminate (Trespa) used in conjunction with steel benching frames for a flexible solution; extremely resistant to chemical spillage and featuring continuous surfaces and polished edging for ease of cleaning and maximum durability.