JTC Furniture Group has developed a range of fitted furniture designed and detailed specifically for the private development market.

EUROPA: Rigid kitchens for developers

Europa combines the very best in European product design with our experience in service; developed over 25 years of working with UK housebuilders in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture.

Europa kitchens offer the features that private home buyers desire in kitchens so that the value of any development is maximised. We offer a range of options from the most affordable to the most luxurious designs to suit the housebuilder and their customers' budgets.

We have taken tried and tested high volume furniture manufacturing and combined the need for a flexible product offer for the private house builder - offering a complete package of fitted furniture which are fully supported at the point of sale.

In addition to offering the best researched and the widest range of high quality kitchen ranges, we offer market leading design services which start at the conceptual stage to build-in the maximum of added value into any layout.

Our designers work with the latest visualisation software to let you see your house types in a range of layouts and finishes.

Working in partnership with Jtc you can be assured of the highest level of design input to your fitted furniture to support any development from conception to reality.