Design is the critical element in the development of furniture ranges and we are able to take a project from concept to reality using sophisticated rendering software to create ‘fly through’ simulations which can be stripped back to reveal every individual component detail.



passionate about design

At JTC we are passionate about design. Design based on value engineered solutions and an experienced approach which we have developed over twenty six hard earned years of work in healthcare, education and accommodation furniture production to be able to offer you the optimum solutions for your project. 

Our experience in major projects and our unsurpassed fitted furniture product knowledge means that we are able to assist you in the development of your project.

In addition to our vast manufacturing power; we have invested in a 5D software design process which will take designs from concept stage through manufacturing to the final logistics.

From the design process, we generate prices, material specifications and manufacturing instructions so there is no need to re-estimate, take off materials or to generate special orders - we do this in one automated process; meaning that in conjunction with our vast number of standard modular products, each new project can be manufactured without delay.

Clients appreciate that a project can be visualised on-screen before final decisions are made on finishes, shapes and layouts so that changes can be made easily in a timely fashion avoiding extra costs. We can even provide high resolution renders which can be made photorealistic for absolute control over a project.